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Add PascalCoin [PASC]


Suggested by: Albert Molina

Under consideration

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  • 19 Nov, '17

    Great Coin Please add Pascalcoin

  • 19 Nov, '17

    This coin has unbelievable features but yet very under the radar. Please consider listing this coin.

  • 19 Nov, '17
    500 Francs Pascal

    PascalCoin is great, tech is very nice, please add :)

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Nico Crypto

    Nico Crypto

  • 20 Nov, '17

    please add Pascal Coin. It's a great coin.

  • 20 Nov, '17

    This is a new generation of cryptocurrencies that is likely to change the landscape of the future

  • 20 Nov, '17

    The future will be with PascalCoin, we need it to be listed.

  • 20 Nov, '17

    This is a coin that is moving up. Excellent new tech, not just a fork.

  • 20 Nov, '17

    We need pasc !!

  • 20 Nov, '17

    Yes, please add Pascaloin, its going to be a huge project in some time

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Sébastien C

    Yess this is the future !

  • 20 Nov, '17

    Pascalcoin is a good technology for the future add this coin

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Lothaire zils

    Go sur le bon pascal

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Vincent DELBEAU

    It should already be listed !

  • 20 Nov, '17

    Please add PASC

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Sebastien Wy

    Bitcoin Carrera

  • 20 Nov, '17
    David Blocry

    Comme on guy add to the coin

  • 20 Nov, '17
    The Curator

    If one intends to role out accounts for a distributed and decentralised value system to the residents of a community tomorrow but, need to obfuscate the technology being used behind the scenes and ensure future scalability then this is the protocol to choose and build upon.

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Ray da

    Add PascalCoin, we wait for

  • 20 Nov, '17
    Arnaud Lefevre

    Go to the moon 👍🏽 (Et likez Bitcoin Carrera)

  • 21 Nov, '17
    George Odmark

    A very unique and interesting coin that I foresee having a great future

  • 21 Nov, '17
    Mikus Vanags

    Pascal coin is my favorite crypto currency!

  • 21 Nov, '17
    Meli Meli

    Pascalcoin is epic nesspa ouakda

  • 21 Nov, '17

    I love pascalcoin

  • 21 Nov, '17

    Yes ! Is good ! Go go go !!!!!!!

  • 21 Nov, '17
    John Nejamin

    Great coin with innovative features such as Infinite scaling, 0-confirmation transactions, easy-to-remember account numbers, built-in account marketplace. The safebox makes this all possible, please add Pascalcoin!

  • 21 Nov, '17

    pascal to the moon . back again to 145 k sat !

  • 22 Nov, '17

    I’m the Youtuber TommyWorldPower and I also endorse adding Pascalcoin! (Not paid to do this, here on my own)

  • 22 Nov, '17

    Pascacoin is a gem

  • 22 Nov, '17

    Pascal is next big think. Add this coin.

  • 22 Nov, '17
    Adit k

    This is a future. Add pascal coin

  • 23 Nov, '17

    love this coin , after i read up white papers other coins looks like a crap.

  • 30 Nov, '17


  • 30 Nov, '17
    Philip Durany

    This has to be the hottest prospect on the market today and when the updates and community effort continues rolling out over the next few months becoming more visible then the demand will skyrocket. We have some projects in the pipeline that need the extra market liquidity and we are not the only ones.

  • 18 Dec, '17

    Based on a groundbreaking and unique new idea in crypto, PascalCoin pioneers a new tier of scalability suitable for planetary-scale adoption. It is the first and only cryptocurrency to have broken the 100 transactions per second barrier! Please take time to learn about this crypto ;-) It is really interesting. We all know Cryptos now need speed and good tec, based on a good solid project with a good team !
    Thx for reading. We need more lisibilty please help this project to become a major one.

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Pascal coin is a really interesting project. This coin needs to be present on more exchange.

  • 19 Dec, '17

    very promising project!

  • 02 Jan

    I want PASCAL

  • 03 Jan

    Please list pascalcoin, thanks.

  • 10 Jan

    I can't believe you don't have Pascal on your exchange. Bitcoin is like MySpace. Get with the times people.

  • 10 Jan

    Pascalcoin gets a lot of attention lately, if you list it, everyone benefits! :)
    Innovation> pump and dump

  • 10 Jan

    Please add! This is a great coin with even bigger things coming.

  • 16 Jan

    PASC solves all the problems current cryptocurrencies have and is working right now, it deserves to be listed immediately. It's rad!

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