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Please add UltraNote XUN !!!


Hi, Here to vote for UltraNote XUN coin :)



Suggested by: egynw

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  • 05 Dec, '17

    This is a great coin with standout features such as messaging. Please add UltraNote XUN

  • 05 Dec, '17

    Fantastic coin and an amazing GUI wallet to hold it in, which can mine the coin in 3 mouse clicks 10/10

  • 05 Dec, '17

    The best design since Monero...the way blockchain should be, with encryption, deposit capabilities, fastest transaction times, the best initial-release wallet Ive tried. Most importantly with upcoming scrutiny - it's completely anonymous!

  • 06 Dec, '17

    UltraNote is a new coin launched Nov 2017 which started as a clone (not a fork) of DuckNote/DigitalNote (XDN) but the Dev team has already gone above and beyond that code base to improve it, which has led to the remarkable listing on a major exchange in less than 30 days. We'd love to expand to as well!

  • 06 Dec, '17

    Awesome coin to use... get XUN on your exchange

  • 06 Dec, '17

    Go XUN Go go go

  • 06 Dec, '17

    XUN has many elements that could compete with Monero in the future. One could say that there are many coins based on Cryptonote, but XUN seems to take the best of most and combine it into one coin with great potential.
    What I believe that really sets this coin apart is that it has a very dedicated development team that has since 4 November 2017 launch fulfilled many road-map items way ahead of plan:
    Q1 2018: GUI Win, Mac & Linux wallet release (DONE)
    Q2 2018: Pool & block-explorer release (DONE)

  • 06 Dec, '17

    I love this coin, please list it. It's better than Monero as it has more features

  • 06 Dec, '17

    This coin has to be listed. It's only 1 months that old and already has a large uptake

  • 06 Dec, '17

    Very excited about the UltraNote platform and feel very privileged to be part of its growth so early on!
    Those that snooze will undoubtedly lose!

  • 06 Dec, '17

    The dev team and core community around this coin are hard-working and very passionate. The technology upon which the coin is founded is robust as well as useful. In-wallet messaging, a mix-in service, deposit service, encryption and very fast transaction times. The devs and team are constantly in communication with the public and happy to answer any questions and take suggestions. This coin is the real deal - please list it!

  • 06 Dec, '17

    This is a fantastic coin with amazing GUI wallet to hold it in, which can mine the coin and messaging. The best design since Monero. Please add UltraNote XUN

  • 06 Dec, '17

    Exciting coin to use with perfect supply curve and top of the art features like in wallet mining, deposit for interest and anonymous untraceable messaging facility. check it out

  • 06 Dec, '17

    The most promising coin in cryptonight family which can compete with monero with binking-like system and messaging system inclusing text, video and audio content

  • 08 Dec, '17

    XUN is best new Cryptonote period. Like others have said and for all the reasons above, let's get it listed here, now!

  • 10 Dec, '17

    Really want it to be added. I support this coin.

  • 11 Dec, '17

    Please add this coin. It has a lot going for it.

  • 11 Dec, '17
    Farid Hawami


  • 12 Dec, '17

    This coin has so much potential! Shiny wallet, great features, incredible support. Please list it here!

  • 12 Dec, '17
    Todd Parke

    ultranote is the coin that surpasses monero in siege of battle for the cryptonight coin king

  • 13 Dec, '17
    jery howell

    Ultranote has the privacy features of monero, but more features monero doesnt

  • 14 Dec, '17
    Alex Borh

    Good coin with a huge FuturE!!!!

  • 14 Dec, '17

    Super easy setup and mining. You can choose to mine with CPU or GPU or BOTH. I made a video tutorial with a step by step on how to get started and a brief explanation of the different features that the wallet offers. For those interested, check out my YouTube video on it:

    Get in and start mining before the difficulty gets too high! Jump in, be part of the community, and more importantly, HAVE FUN! :)

  • 14 Dec, '17

    Хороша монетка, бирж бы ей побольше для туземун ))

  • 16 Dec, '17
    Farid Hawami

    ulttanote to the moon :*.

    please add to cryptopia, bittrex, poloniex this is a good coin

  • 23 Dec, '17
    Vic Handa

    great support team and great longevity with this coin

  • 23 Dec, '17

    This coin is amazing. Very good support team, stable Blockchain and already a lot of pools for easy mining. Get a complete list at:
    Wanna see all your workers seperatly? Try :)

  • 11 Jan

    Promising new coin!

  • 12 Jan

    This coin is my future investment!

  • 12 Jan

    New coin with awesome dev team and community, mining support live on Discord, many mining campaigns to support all active miners - awesome!

  • 12 Jan
    Miele Bauknecht

    excellent coin with good dev team, innovative features and a great community. please add.

  • 12 Jan

    Looking forward to having more options to trade this amazing coin!

  • 12 Jan

    XUN has many great (secure} features along with a awesome dev team and active community, come and have a look and mine a few coins.

  • 12 Jan
    Vic Handa

    a great coin needs great community and this one's got it. Great features and a great support team, XUN needs to be listed

  • 12 Jan

    Nice project and team. I'm with UltraNote since Nov 2017.

  • 12 Jan
    Agung Novian

    This is an idealis coin. I love it

  • 13 Jan
    Altcoins Club

    a currency of great potential and growth in the short term, it will be great to see UltraNote at! Anxious !!!

  • 13 Jan

    The great features of this coin makes it a really good coin for the long run,but what really makes this coin great is the tireless effort from the development team, they run an active support on discord, and help where they can. i really have a good feeling about these guys and this project.

  • 13 Jan

    Quero comprar essa coin

  • 14 Jan

    The features this coins has is why it stood out to me the first time i spotted it. Very active and committed developers and strong growing community. Please please please please .... did i say please? add this coin :)

  • 15 Jan

    XUN is amazing!!. Features are greant and dev teams is always on! and open to include new features.-

  • 16 Jan

    Ultranote is the best cryptocurreny....go go go

  • 17 Jan

    please add XUN... thank you!

  • 18 Jan

    anonymous coin + encrypted messaging = great coin!

  • 18 Jan

    New coin Hugeeeee potential :) there is a great support for it. keep it up

  • 18 Jan

    Amazing community here! I believe XUN will success when XND has failed! great messaging system, truly anonymous (ring signature AND ZK snark). shout out to XUN.

  • 19 Jan

    Active Development,community nodes coming up more,and more. And of course all packed with features that for instance monero is lacking off.
    Add it please

  • 20 Jan

    Exciting coin with a bright future

  • 20 Jan
    Kevin Edwards

    Excellent coin!

  • 21 Jan

    Development is active and devs communicate regularly with the growing community. This team really are true to their word - creating a coin for everyone to use and putting people before profit for themselves. Honestly, I've never come across something like this where money is involved. Technically, the coin and the tech it's built on is robust, but the added value is the dedication of the team and their co-ordination. It's amazing. Please list the coin, and give others the chance to participate.

  • 21 Jan

    I have been impressed with the activity level of the development team, and the activity level and enthusiasm of the community. The devs have put a lot of time and effort into this, and the community has responded with the same level of time and committment. I think this coin has an excellent future. Listing it on more exchanges would help move it forward.

  • 21 Jan

    Love the community and great growth potential with this currency.

  • 22 Jan

    Ultranote is the FUTURE !! An exceptional platform and an amazing Dev team that really supports the Ultranote Community, which is also excellent.

  • 23 Jan

    Nice project Cheers!!

  • 23 Jan

    Great potential, based on cryptonote like monero and bytecoin, current price higher that Reddcoin, Bytecoin or Doge. Great reputation on social media and community platforms.

  • 23 Jan

    Its a great coin!

  • 23 Jan

    Nice project! Really great potential!

  • 25 Jan

    Please list ITNS. Will be good coin with VPN in future. Thankks

  • 25 Jan

    XUN is a great coin, awesome Team working on it, they are actively supporting and making this coin a solid contender. The community behind is growing exponentially.

  • 26 Jan
    Ahmed Shaaban

    Great Project, Excellent coin (Y)

  • 27 Jan
    Edimo Junior

    This coin have a great future!

  • 27 Jan

    Conceito melhor que interessante.Moeda com grandes possibilidades e probabilidades de crescer em todos os sentidos, devs sempre presentes e comunidade muito participativa. a ser adicionada a mais exchanges, elas próprias só terão a ganhar, será a win/win situation.

  • 28 Jan

    This team is on fire... Please add this coin (XUN).

  • 30 Jan

    I like this coin and I would like it to be added.

  • 30 Jan

    100% add this coin. Fantastic.

  • 02 Feb

    Great devs behind the coin!

  • 05 Feb

    Please add this coin (XUN). It is the best coin I have ever seen.

  • 21 Feb
    Marie Chang

    It fills a major void in the current market

  • 21 Feb

    The poor miner's coin, anyone can mine, they actually kick commercial miners out, and only leave the door open for retail. I see a lot of interest as the commercial miners have cornered the market, and you can mine XUN overnight with a run off the mill laptop.

  • 21 Feb
    Nasseeruddeen Roomaldawo

    This is a really nice project. Please add XUN.

  • 22 Feb
    Next Lesson

    Nice fast, lightweight coin with a very involved development team and vibrant and enthusiastic community. Highly recommended as an addition to this exchange.

  • 23 Feb

    Very promising coin, would be great if we get it listed here!

  • 25 Feb

    Great development team. Community is very active. Filling a need of privacy. Please add to this exchange.

  • 27 Feb
    Ron Mason

    I believe in Ultranote. Please add XUN to the exchange!

  • 02 Mar

    Please add UltraNote to your exchange

  • 03 Mar

    Exciting coin deposit and mining is just awesome

  • 04 Mar
    Alen Boardman

    How this coin not on the Exchange yet?!

  • 06 Mar

    Ultranote should have a room on any exchange.

  • 08 Mar

    easy exciting coin to mine and trade anonymous and untraceable it is perfect for privacy messaging is excellent

  • 09 Mar

    Wake up and please add ultracoin! It is what the world has been waiting for.

  • 22 Mar

    Exciting coin

  • 26 Mar

    This coin is a must! The devs and community are strong together. My investment will be with XUN for now and the future. Please consider adding the coin.

  • 04 Apr

    XUN is absolutely as great as everyone here is saying- it's not hype. UltraNote is the only coin that allows in-wallet mining with anonymized, encrypted messaging, now with 100mb file transfers(beta) with...wait for it... optional adjustable self destruct feature!! Why? Because especially when it comes to money and communications security is of the utmost importance for a free and civilized society.

  • 24 Apr

    This is going from strength to strength. More and more volume is being traded daily and XUN is getting noticed in a big way! Soon to the moon I think. Get in on the action and get involved in the community!

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