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Add Stellite (STL)


Active community, great initiative.

The primary goal of this team is to decentralize the node list via IPFS and ZeroNet. If they are successful, stellite could be considered the most decentralized cryptocurrency out there.

The coin is already trading on two centralized exchanges, but to have a completely decentralized ecosystem it requires to be listed on DEXs such as

At the moment of writing, stellite is the most profitable CryptoNote coin for CPU mining in the industry even at the current low price of 2 satoshis.

The developers hope to inspire other CryptoNote-based coins and beyond to adopt their IPFS and ZeroNet implementation to become more decentralized.


Suggested by: Oleksii Grygorishin

Under consideration

Comments: 34

  • 20 Feb

    Awesome tech with great devoted devs. The community is really fun and helpfull too.

  • 20 Feb
    Rio Rivaldo

    Active community with great roadmap. Dev always online and helping everyday.

  • 21 Feb
    Lukas Lauryn

    Please add STL, thanks. Great project IMO

  • 21 Feb

    A coin with very active devs and promising tech.

  • 21 Feb

    Good coin!

  • 21 Feb
    Elo Oliveira

    Is a great coin with needed inovations !!

  • 22 Feb

    Great Coin, please add

  • 22 Feb

    No ICO, no bullshit, just focus on great tech development. What Bitcoin and Satoshi set out to do day 1 is now what Stellite is aiming for. A fully decentralized currency that can have no government or corporate control.

  • 24 Feb

    This coin was not founded with any crazy founders fee, ICO or absurd "reserves", but stays true to the decentralized nature crypto was meant to be. Using one of the most powerful algorithms (the most overlooked as well) along with true decentralization and inovation makes this coin a very promissing prospect!

  • 24 Feb
    Evan Mavrin

    Great coin and great community it's really worth looking at for this exchange! :-) Devs actually dedicated to making a good coin, community dedicated to fostering growth.

  • 26 Feb

    Good coin!

  • 28 Feb

    Really hoping to see this coin gain traction as a compliment (or replacement) for XMR, ZEC, and more.

  • 28 Feb

    Yes! Good coin

  • 28 Feb
    Abhinav Gupta

    This coin will bring waves in the cryptonote coins.

  • 01 Mar
    K Gautam

    Good Coin, have lots of potential. Coin was launched without any ICO or premine, so good for crypto people like me.

  • 02 Mar

    A strong community, dedicated development team, and an honest project. This coin has a bright future in the world of crypto, with game changing advancements, and great strides towards a true, decentralized world.

  • 04 Mar

    Good coin!

  • 14 Mar

    Please add STL, thanks. Great project

  • 15 Mar

    Great project with excellent support and growing community. Good team!

  • 22 Mar
    Edycom Panam 2008

    very good dev active and fast respond

  • 23 Mar

    XTL to the moon !!

  • 23 Mar

    Incredibly undervalued coin with big things ahead!

  • 24 Mar

    Stellite for the future !

  • 24 Mar

    Stellite is good

  • 28 Mar

    $XTL has one if the best dev teams and support is awesome, definitely HODL XTL

  • 01 Apr

    Nice fast tx confirmation time

  • 06 Apr

    Great team. This coin will be big!

  • 10 Apr
    Nik Box

    Stellite is a very promising coin, with IPFS & ZeroNet integration. Amazing team and great community!

  • 12 Apr

    please add

  • 12 Apr

    This will be a great coin in 2018.

  • 15 Apr

    Good One like it !

  • 17 Apr

    Stellite is a no brainer. The energy in our community is ridiculous because we see the end goal. Stellite has already changed the game, speaking now, from the future!

  • 18 May

    Great coin with ground breaking tech and awesome developers and community. Im making my main exchange if XTL gets added. Solid project.

  • 07 Jun

    XTL is a great project with bright future!

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